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Turf is often used interchangeably as a term to describe the latest generation of artificial athletic playing surfaces and the "carpet" that is used to make the playing surface as well as natural grass.  Crumb Rubber Infill is a specific size of recycled rubber granule that is often the best choice to fill in between the plastic fibers of the carpet on an artificial field surface.  Infill is a critical component of modern artificial athletic surfaces.  Crumb rubber Infill provides a cushion on top of the field and serves to reduce impact severity and improve athlete safety.  Infill, whether it is rubber or sand, serves to hold the turf (carpet) fibers straight up instead of matted down and flat.  Infill also serves as a ballast to hold the turf down flat and reduce the chance of wrinkles. 

There are two methods of producing crumb rubber infill, Ambient (without refrigeration) and Cryogenic (with refrigeration). 

Ambient is known for having jagged edges, fabric cords and fine rubber dust or powder (all are undesirable). 

The jagged edges on ambient rubber are known for trapping air bubbles during rain that cause the granules to float and disappear down the drain system. 

Fabric cords are known for knitting the granules to player socks (hard to believe...but true...see pictures below). 

Fine rubber dust easily sticks to players skin even when dry. 

Cryogenic is commonly accepted as being superior because is has smooth edges, lacks fabric cords and lacks rubber dust or powder. 

Cryogenic crumb rubber infill's smooth edges do not trap air bubbles and are much less likely to float on rain water and disappear down the drain.


This video show a common way of brushing the crumb rubber infill down into the turf carpet fibers so it fills the spaces between the blades of grass and helps to hold them upright to create a natural appearance. 

Example of a low quality, ambient produced crumb rubber infill "knitting" itself to players socks.


Example of a low quality, ambient produced crumb rubber infill "knitting" itself to players socks.

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