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We provide specialized equipment for recycling. 

Used Cryogenic Storage Vessel for sale

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Tire Recycling
The CryoVortex is the only cryogenic equipment available that processes non-shredded tires in one step*.  All other cryogenic tire recycling equipment requires the expensive step of pre-shredding (typically between 1" and 3/8") before freezing and cryogenic grinding.  The CryoVortex equipment line creates a state-of-the-art continuous process that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze automotive tires and a CryoVortex to impact and reduce the tires to three saleable products of Rubber Granules (crumb rubber), Steel and Fiber.  The products are then sorted, graded and packaged for sale.  The CryoVortex may operate at average rates up to 200 tires per hour for 6 days continuously (24 days per month). 

*The tires are split down the middle of the tread only to remove water and debris before being loaded into the freezer (clean dry tires would not need to be split).

Vortex XD

The T-Series is the grand-daddy of all Vortex.  With up to 600 Horsepower, this Vortex will handle your toughest reduction  jobs at a high rate of production.  The T-Series does NOT process tires... look to the CryoVortex.

Vortex SD

The S-Series is the standard for the average project.  With up to 300 Horsepower, this Vortex will handle most average jobs at an economical cost.  The S-Series does NOT process tires...look to the CryoVortex.
BR-200 Bag Ripper
The BR-200 Bag Ripper is the essence of simplicity.  With high strength, swage tipped steel cables, the BR-200 will open plastic or paper bags with a minimum of product destruction.
We can provide a facility that can convert most wastes into a gas and electricity with no hazardous by-products.  Facilities may produce enough energy to sustain their operation and have a considerable amount of electricity to sell for use elsewhere.  leave a message at (937) 410-4148 or sales@scraptiresusa.com for details.
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