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Blairsville Environmental Rubber " BER " is the Flagship model for the next generation of the CryoVortex (tm) scrap tire recycling equipment line. 

The facility is producing high quality cryogenic and ambient artificial turf crumb rubber infill and AlternaMulch (tm) MiniNugget. 

BER also provides tire retailer services for recycling / disposal by box truck / trailer pickup and "trailer spotting". 

While it's not reasonably possible to recycle 100% of every tire, please rest assured that BER has made a large investment in facility and equipment that gives us a significant advantage over others. 

We recycle tires ourselves, in house so we don't need to ship tires to unrelated third parties for recycling. 

BER is a private company and does not disclose details of it's finances.  

BER also provides AlternaMat (tm), AlternaPave (tm) and AlternArena (tm) products and services. 

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Recycled Rubber materials:

Synthetic Turf crumb rubber infill (premium quality cryogenic)

SKU:  882517


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