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AlternaPlay (tm) is made from 100% recycled tire rubber.  Our unique mini-nugget size creates the perfect safety cushion surface for loose filled playgrounds. 

Our test marketing has concluded that AlternaPlay was repeatedly identified as more attractive when compared to competitors. 

Our attractive looks comes from the fact that we do a better job of removing the fabric portion of the tires from the nuggets. 

Coming SOON:

AlternaPlay will soon be available at stocking distributors in Southwest Ohio, just in time for the Spring! 

LATEX FREE !!!!  Our colored rubber coatings do not contain latex. 

To determine how much AlternaPlay you need, enter the length and width of your area below and click "Calculate". You will find the total Area and the approximate number of 40 lb. bags that you need to cover various depths. Click "Reset" to start over.
A x B = C or Length x Width = Area [square feet]

We can help you decide how much AlternaPlay (tm) you need.

Length [ft] x Width [ft.]  = Area  sq. feet


Coverage to 2" depth would require bags*.

Coverage to 3" depth would require bags*.

Coverage to 4" depth would require bags*.

Coverage to 6" depth would require bags*.

* - Because most play surfaces are not completely flat and may have some dips we recommend you purchase an extra 10% (ex. 50 = 55 bags recommended).