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AlternaMat (tm) is made from recycled tire materials and may qualify for LEED green building credits as found at http://www.usgbc.org.  AlternaMat is stress absorbing cushion and may be the perfect solution for Equestrian boarding facility stalls, safety surfacing or anti-fatigue matting surfaces.  AlternaMat is available for purchase and installation through approved dealers only.

Keep checking back, more information coming soon for this exciting new product.

Images of AlternaMat (tm)

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AlternaMat is under consideration by ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

The Designers are evaluating AlternaMat to determine the best place and time to implement AlternaMat into their "Green" home designs.  The fact that AlternaMat is made from 100% recycled tires by volume and the LEED credits earned are key factors in the shows interest.

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leave a message at (937) 410-4148 or sales@scraptiresusa.com for more details.


Keep checking back as we will update our progress as we bring this exciting new product to market.


Images of AlternaMat (tm)

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