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Colored rubber mulch is taking over the landscape groundcover and playground surface markets.

We're proud to announce the introduction of AlternaMulch (tm) and CryoMulch (tm) alternative landscape materials.  Click here click back button to return...AlternaMulch PDF file to download a pdf file.

Spend your time enjoying your yard, not maintaining it!

AlternaMulch (tm) is your ticket to less yard work...
AlternaMulch is an alternative ground cover that will extend the beauty of your landscape, season after season. Next spring, the melting snow will reveal your vibrant AlternaMulch instead of dull, dingy and decayed ground cover. You win three times; now youíll do less work, be the first one in the neighborhood to have fresh looking ground cover and youíre keeping tires out of our nationís landfills. Yes, thatís right, AlternaMulch is recycled from scrap tires using a clean and green cryogenic process. Feel good about looking good! tm Use AlternaMulch as an alternative anywhere you used to place groundcover. Use the same methods and tools, just donít do it as often. AlternaMulch doesnít absorb water that may support mold, mildew, weeds and attract pests. Instead it lets rain and fertilizers pass through to soak into the soil where they can benefit your plants. AlternaMulch is safe for people, pets and the environment. It will not bleed colors or float away in heavy rain. AlternaMulch has a five year warranty.* Contact us TODAY to get your AlternaMulch on the way.  We are working to bring a newly branded products named MonroMulch (tm), BuckeyeRubberMulch (tm), buckeyrubbermulch.com (tm) and BuckNutsRubberMulch (tm) to a retail branch near you.

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